[Opinion] Why Tom Brady Should Have Retired

Tom Brady goodbye retiring

Two days ago, in a statement that surprised nobody, Tom Brady announced he would be leaving the Patriots organization for good.

Wait. What?

Tom Brady? The deflate guy?

Yes, Tom Brady. The deflate guy. He isn’t a Patriot, he is the Patriots. Or, rather, he was. Now, he is the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When I first heard this, I didn’t know whether to laugh… or laugh. I chose the former. While some took to Twitter, calling the man a sellout, I just chuckled. What on earth is he doing? Does he honestly think he can win there?

Let’s take a look at this interesting decision. Oh, but before we do, look at what my favorite and most reliable website, Wikipedia, has to say about my man Tom Brady.

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