The Top 5 NF Songs from “The Search”

Top 5 NF Songs from The Search

On July 26th, 2019, NF released his new album “The Search”. This album instantly shot up to #1 on the iTunes sales chart (Cantor 2019). I helped bolster those numbers (by one) by buying it last night. Regardless of the album sales, it’s easy to see that the artist is a huge hit.

Taking small pieces of artistry flow from various artists and combining them into his own unique style, NF (Nate Feuerstein) regularly creates solid, down-to-earth, and real rap. Through rapping his heart, he reaches millions of teenagers around the world in possibly the best way possible.

#5: Let Me Go. A wonderful song, complete with an emotional, tear-jerking chorus. This song touched my soul. This song easily ranked as one of NF’s top five, and the raw, pure emotion will draw many to tears.

NF Let Me Go

#4: Time. This song describes, in some ways, Nate’s relationship with his wife. In it, he offers a small piece of advice to the couples listening: no matter what, always be willing to stay together. The song probably came from Nate’s rocky relationship with his parents, who divorced when he was young. He raps his heart, and it shows.

NF Time

#3: Change. The song is quite possibly the most unique in the entire album, as it couples a unique bass with an even better background. This song perfectly captures Nate’s heart for change, something extremely admirable within a rapper. While the rest of his industry boasts about their skill and courage, Nate reminds people that he constantly looks for change.

Change NF

#2: When I Grow Up. This song shows the beginning of every rapper, even the ones you thought began right on stage. The music video features clips of NF rapping in a garbage truck, then while mopping floors, and finally flipping burgers at a seedy burger restaurant. Again, it portrays the humble beginnings of all artists, something best remembered when you see their money and wealth.

When I Grow Up NF

#1: Leave Me Alone. As far as rap goes, this one is easily the best. The flow, the lines, the rhyme, and the video are all spot on as NF spits fire for a solid 5 minutes. The video is, as always, phenomenal to watch, and Nate should be proud of what is quite possibly his best rap song yet. Tackling mental health, OCD, and the critics that criticize Nate, he brings truth and fire in the same song.

NF Leave Me Alone

These songs are special, and if you haven’t had the chance to listen to them, make sure to do so. Nate is an amazing rapper, and I can foresee a long and successful career ahead of him. His beliefs are solid and he trusts God, and for that, he has my utmost respect.

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Cantor, Bryan. “NF’s “The Search” Claims #1 On US iTunes Sales Chart; “Hadestown,” Justin Moore In Top 3.” Headline Planet, 26th June

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