Avoiding Passivity in a Time of Crisis

Prayer and Pacifism

Four days ago, I published a post talking about the Universal Sabbath. The post was well received, but one of the comments stuck with me. A woman gracefully reminded me of the fact that this is a crisis, not a vacation. While many of us are stuck in our houses, there are others out there fighting this battle, and while the outward battle is serious, the spiritual battle rages also, mimicking the battles on earth.

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Destroying Terror: How to Confront and Defeat the Fear in Our Lives

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A few months ago, I published a post on spiritual warfare in Uganda. The post was fairly long (well over 1,000 words) but got to the point quickly- Hollywood has corrupted our definition of spirituality. Through different means, whether media or television, our opinions and beliefs on demonic warfare have been watered down. We do one of two things: either we laugh at demons and demonic warfare, or we fear them far more than is rational. This corruption can and will prove fatal to Western Christians who ignore the Bible’s teaching on the subject. When confronted for the first time with real, tangible spiritual warfare, a Christian’s first response is usually fear.

Fear is a natural response, something wired into us. No good warrior should enter a battle without feeling it to some degree. In the same sense, no good Christian should begin his journey without feeling fear. In some ways, fear can be healthy. Holy fear, for example, is something the Bible tells us is sacred, a natural response to a holy God. The fear of God and His power is something we all feel at some point or the other. The prophet Isaiah, when confronted by holy fear, wept at the feet of God, crying, “Woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips.” This type of fear is natural and God-given.

Unhealthy fear, on the other hand, can be deadly to a Christian. This type of fear is one of Satan’s greatest tools, for it turns even the strongest men into blubbering maniacs, incapable of rational thought. I, personally, have seen the full effects of controlling terror, brought on simply by my own imagination.

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