The Marvelous Works of God

It has been well over a month since I last published on my website. The commencement of the soccer season completely removed any semblance of free time I once possessed, forcing me to temporarily pause my writing.

My time in solitude has ended. I’m back.

Although my publishing schedule will change (I will now publish one post a week), I am returning to writing with high expectations- I’d like to pass 1,500 followers before 2021 has arrived.

Yet aside from my personal goals and lack of time, the Lord has worked some marvelous things in the past three months. His graciousness has shown through, demonstrating His never-stopping, never-ending, always-pursuing, and never-giving-up love.

For the past ten or twelve weeks, God has confronted me on several heart issues, including my pride and tendency to see myself above others. He has shown me the root effects of my anger and has given me several newer friends to lift me up and push me back towards Him.

He has also given me clear, concise guidance in my relationship with a dear friend of mine. He showed me my absolute need for Christ to be closely involved in all of my relationships, beyond even that specific friendship.

Finally, God has continued to confront me on my relationship with my parents and siblings. While many of the problems my parents and I face are labeled as “common teenage problems”, I reject such labeling. These problems, while common to man, were not common to Jesus. Because I am called to emulate Him in every possible way, I must strive for a good, pure relationship with my parents and siblings.

I am very thankful for the marvelous works of Christ within my own life. He truly is good, isn’t He? There is no denying the power and glory of our God!