The Valentine’s Day Dilemna

I find it interesting (and more than a little amusing) that St. Valentine, the man for which Valentine's Day is named, was actually beheaded several hundred years ago on the day we celebrate. Therefore, we do not celebrate love, for which St. Valentine was not even famous for (his "Saintly responsibilities" involved beekeeping and epilepsy), but instead we celebrate death. Quite a concept, is it not?

Loving LGBTQ?

Two days ago, I was checking CNN. While scrolling down the page, an article caught my eye. The title went like this "A group of Christians attended a pride parade to apologize for how they've treated the LGBT community". After reading the article (found here), I found myself quite impressed. A group of Christians from …

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Beautiful People

I am blessed to know many beautiful people in my life. I know so many, in fact, that it would be impossible to name them all. As it is, I have chosen to name the 5 most beautiful and influential people I know. However, because I have not gotten permission to use their names, I …

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