What Does a God-Focused Marriage Look Like?

What Does a God-Focused Marriage Look Like?

Today is my parents’ 19th anniversary. Since their wedding day on June 29th, 2001, they have constantly fought for each other, focusing their full and complete hearts on God and their marriage. Through this time, they have inspired many couples to live out a God-focused marriage, keeping the literal Center of the universe at the center of their marriage.

They are, without a doubt, the two most inspirational people in my life.

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Power or God?


“I left the joy of soccer for the far greater joy of the Kingdom.” –Keith McFarland, 2019

If you were on my blog four weeks ago, you saw this quote featured on the Quote of the Week section. You probably raised an eyebrow at the fact that I was quoting my dad, but otherwise, you left it alone. This quote isn’t as profound as some of the others that I’ve posted, so it probably didn’t draw as much attention as the others.

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