Monday Q&A 7: Christian Worldview Application

Monday Q&A 7: Christian Worldview Application

Worldview is a difficult topic to discuss, given the fact that the subject changes based on the person. Because everyone has a different worldview, it can become difficult to even speak on the subject, let alone have a decent discussion on the topic.

Christian worldview, on the other hand, is a unifying topic that needs to be discussed more often. Identifying weak worldview and working to grow stronger, Biblically-grounded worldview should be a lifelong goal for every Christian.

With that, we turn our attention on today’s Monday Q&A: Christian Worldview Application. As always, I will be choosing to answer 12 of the 14 questions presented in Stoa Apologetics’ worksheet, found here. Let’s dive in.

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God’s Glory Through Sinful Man

Gory of God clouds cross

God’s glory is perhaps the most fascinating and central subject for a Christian. It is a key factor to the death and resurrection of Christ, and actually is one of the reasons for Christ’s death in the first place. Furthermore, God’s glory is the biggest reason for Christians to act as they do. Truly, it is an important piece to the puzzle known as Christianity.

Although we can clearly see God’s glory in normal situations, it is far more difficult to see Him glorified when dealing with the junk of the world. Through many of these situations, it takes an outsider saying, “wow, God was really good then, wasn’t he?” for someone to realize that God had, in fact, been good, and thus was glorified.

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What The Holiness of God Taught Us About Speech

Holiness of God Christianity

In R.C Sproul’s book The Holiness of God, God’s Holiness is described in detail. We learn of holy fear, holy love, and holy anger, all attributes that are found either within him or us, as creatures made in his image. However, holiness is not something that can be literally defined. While the Greek word for holy can be translated to “set apart”, even this does not describe the word effectively. Holiness is a term that can’t be described nor fully understood, comparable to eternity- we partially understand it, and know enough to define it, but we can’t really wrap our minds around its concept. The reason for this is found within the Fall; when Adam sinned, he created within us Original Sin, a doctrinal belief that all children are born with sin. This doctrine is one of the few that is rarely contested by Bible scholars or evolutionists alike. Original Sin creates within us a fully natural sinful state. We, as humans, do not know what it means to not sin, since we can’t imagine a world without sin. Sin’s evil has so fully penetrated us and, through us, the world, it has become a part of humanity.

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An Interview With Joshua Swanson

Interview Africa Boy

I was recently given the opportunity to talk to my blogging friend Joshua Swanson. Having been familiar with his work for a long time, I was very comfortable asking him questions and having the same directed at me. Needless to say, we had some fun with it in both our question creation and answers.

Joshua is a fantastic blogger, one who puts a lot of passion and heart into his work. Guys, if you aren’t subscribed to his blog, be sure to do so- he’s only a few behind me and I’d like him to catch up (kidding). You can find his blog here.

Alright, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Throwback Saturday: Christ’s Coffee

Christs Coffee Africa Boy

Yep, you knew it was coming. Coffee is, after all, one of the Africa Boy pillars. It’s what keeps me (and probably you) sane. So, if you aren’t a coffee fan, dry your eyes and click that back button, because this post isn’t for you.

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One Nation, Under God

“A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted between February 20th and February 22nd of Republican voters, found that an astonishing 57 percent of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution, and establish Christianity as the official national religion (Brekhus 2015).”

This article was written over four years ago, and yet that doesn’t make it any less true. To those of you that actually go and read it, Brekhus discusses the results in a National Poll, taken in late February of 2015. In this poll, we discover out of all the Republicans polled, over half were in favor of removing the Constitution and instituting Christianity as the official religion of the United States.

Wow. Who would have known? This means that if they polled 1,000,000 people, approximately 570,000 would have been in favor of this massive change in American law.

Here’s what I found interesting- when the United States of America was established, it was created as a Christian nation. That’s the reason we have “One Nation, Under God” motto. Sorry, Mrs. Clinton, but, like it or not, we began as a Christian nation. However, beginnings do not determine the end. America has changed so much in the last fifty years, it is no longer considered a Christian nation. America has become “One Nation, Under Nobody”. In our pursuit of equality for all religions, we have lost our responsibility as a Nation Under God. Equality for all religions is good; I wholeheartedly support that. But when we remember that the USA started Under God, we have no choice but to shake our heads and pray for God’s mercy, for we have abandoned Him as a nation. Now, instead of seeing entire towns meeting to pray, we see entire towns meeting to watch Avengers: Endgame. Instead of seeing a nation focused on God and His will, we see a nation focused on judging President Trump and his will.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was one of those people watching Avengers: Endgame. I have done my fair share of judging President Trump. I cannot and will not remove myself from this general statement. However, like it or not, we as Christians are called to do one thing: pray. We should pray, not just for God’s forgiveness on our nation, but also for His grace in allowing us to share the Gospel with our fellow Americans. Is the answer to our problem in ditching the Constitution and forcing everybody to worship Jesus? No, somehow I don’t think so. Copying King Constantine would not go over well with the press and media. However, even though we have lost our focus, as a nation, on God, we can still thank God for His forgiveness and grace upon America. God bless America.

Also, one last thing: I apologize for the timing of this post. It was supposed to be published on the 4th of July


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Christian Dating in a Secular World

The word “dating” often brings out mixed emotions and views. Secular people think of dating as a commonplace activity, comparable to sports or television in what it brings. Christians think of dating with many different opinions. Some treat it just as commonly as non-believers do, while others give it a wide berth. Some give it no veneration, while others revere it as if it is a gift from God; which, of course, it is. Despite the apparent similarities between secular and Christian dating, Christians should remember that dating is a gift from God, and should be treated with all due respect and reverence.

One of the major differences between secular and Christian dating is the means. Secular people treat dating as a means to take, though this appears to be quite confusing, it is easily explained. Essentially, many secular people view dating as an activity used to take from others. This is comparable to Christmas time, when the only thought within the mind of a child is what to get from Santa Claus. Just as children view Christmas as a time for getting presents, secular men and women see dating as a time for receiving pleasure. Whether acknowledged or not, pleasure is always found at the center of secular dating.

Christians must treat dating as a means to give. While the secular assessment of dating centers on self-seeking pleasure, Christian dating should focus on selfless giving. Tragically, the art of giving has become a lost art within today’s culture. Millions of unsaved people make it a habit to take without giving, while Christians are supposed to do just the opposite. Christians must learn to give, not out of duty, but out of love, for “If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing” (English Standard Version, 1 Corinthians. 13.3). Without love, a person cannot hope to give. But within love, giving becomes the most radical testimony a Christian could share, for love through giving is a way to reach out to anybody, be they Muslim, Atheist, or Buddhist. Giving is not only a testimony of faith but also a testimony of character. A Christian armed with this knowledge will find giving within love illuminates personal testimony. Giving displays love, and love does not tear down, as hatred does. Selfish taking is a form of hatred, which destroys all hope for relationship. Contrary to this, love creates relationship, and the creation of relationship should consistently be the main goal within a Christ-led courtship.

Non-believers view dating as a pathway to sex. In today’s world, sex and dating are intertwined. The two go hand in hand, according to some, and are interchangeable. Because there is no Biblical background to most relationships, there is no context to sex. Thousands of unsaved men and women enter sexual relationships with no knowledge of God’s intention for sex within marriage. Because of this, few realize that sex must be held within marriage, else it inevitably becomes boring to the participants, who eventually break up or divorce. Today, secular marriage is only necessary when a couple wishes to exchange rings, have a ceremony, and join last names- no other reason. When the couple lives together, sleeps together, and can already have children, what true purpose does marriage hold to a secular couple? None.

Christians must treat dating as a road to marriage. Unlike secular dating, which is used to gain pleasure, Christians should view dating as a pathway to a possible marriage. Dating will not always end in marriage, and, because of this, should be viewed as a pathway to marriage. When viewed as a road to marriage, Christian dating becomes something far more special then secular dating. This time period is used as an opportunity for possible couples to learn about each other. The time within engagement is spent differently when the end goal is marriage, since secular dating has no end goal, save for pleasure, which is not fulfilling in the least. Did God intend for dating to be used within the context of marriage? Yes! How else is a young Christian going to learn about his future spouse? If two people were to enter marriage without having any true knowledge of each other, their marriage will likely be destroyed. Dating within the context of marriage has been blessed by God, and should be emulated by all young Christian men and women.

The major difference between secular and Christian dating is the inclusion of God within the relationship. Earthly relationships have no inclusion or basis with God; instead, they focus on pleasure, within sex, and taking what they can get. It is because of this that “About 40 to 50 percent of marriages within the United States end in divorce” (Lewis). When God is not included in dating, the relationship between the couple cannot be expected to last.

If a future marriage is to last, it is paramount that dating couples include God into their relationship. A problem found within many Christian couples is a lack of knowledge on how to incorporate God into their relationships. While they still pray, read their Bibles, or go to church, they are not actively including God into their relationship. The inclusion of God into a relationship involves careful prayer between the couple, reading the Bible together, going to church together, asking God how they can be the best husband/wife. This incorporation of God, while seeming to be unimportant, is crucial for producing a healthy, mature marriage.

While the differences between Secular and Christian dating appear to be few, they are extremely different, two beliefs separating two totally different ways of approaching relationships. Because of these differences, Christians have to remember that dating is a gift from God, and should be treated with all due respect and reverence.

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Jokes Aside

I am a jokester, plain and simple. I love a good laugh, especially from a funny, well-placed joke. However, sometimes I joke so hard it becomes difficult for people to know exactly when I am kidding and when I am not. Is it even possible to be joking so much but then begin talking about Jesus and His work in me?

The problem that many of us discover is how to share about Jesus. Nowadays, a Christian would not be described as “normal”. The popular image for Christians is a person that walks around saying, “I forgive you. Bless you, child.” What many people don’t realize is that many “normal” children, leading normal lives, are Christians. We walk, joke, eat, and (mostly) talk like atheistic children. But when we turn it around and begin talking about Jesus, a brick wall seems to materialize out of thin air. The children that do not believe in Jesus become surprised when they hear that we are Christians, for they would have thought that we would act strangely. Regardless, they then label us as “strange” and will go out of their way to avoid talking with us. How can we remedy this?

Many of my friends struggle in their friendships with atheist children. How can they be expected to share Jesus and risk losing a friendship? This is something we must all decide at one point or the other, especially in today’s world. However, as Christians, what are we called to do? Matthew 5:15-16 states, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” We are called, as Christians, to share our faith with others, regardless of the cost. Now, if we are worried about losing a friendship, you can actually share Jesus without directly preaching. Let your actions be a lamp to others, so they may see you and wonder what makes you special. If they are sinning, call them out, but do so lovingly. Give them no reason to hate us! Also, if they ask whether you are a Christian, tell them the truth! You can tell them you are a Christian, but there is no need to rub it in their faces. You can still be friends with a non-believer but allow your actions to show them who you serve: Jesus.

The only problem remaining is attitude changes. Many people become shocked to hear that the class clown of the local public school is a Christian-who would have thought it? He jokes around, and you wouldn’t have thought he was a Christian, for he acts just like a “normal” kid!  Well, we must still make sure that regardless of our attitude with normal people, we should ALWAYS be ready to share about Jesus. Do not be afraid, for He is here, and we are protected by His eternal mercy.