400 Followers Celebration!

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And we are back yet again with another massive milestone- 400 followers. Guys, you are crazy awesome. Hardly over a month ago, we hit our 300 follower milestone after two months of publishing. While this was a rewarding experience, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that it only took two months to reach 300. Previously, it had taken 3 or even 4 months to garner an additional 100 followers. Last time, it was a new record. And here, yet again, we have set a record of 100 more followers in just over a month.

What on earth is next? Are we going to get 100 in a week? I feel so honored to even know that there are 400 people who enjoy reading my post. You guys are fantastic. Give yourselves a handclap.

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300 Followers Celebration!

Excited for 300 followers on Africa Boy

Well guys, we’ve hit the next minor milestone. Two days ago, Africa Boy reached 300 followers, 30% of the way to our next major milestone. I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am.

Africa Boy was created in early March. I reached 100 followers in mid-July, showing that it took over four months to compile my first 100 followers. Then, I reached 200 at the very beginning of December, which meant that it only took 3 and a half months to add another 100. Now, I hit 300 on the 5th of January, which meant it took just under two months to add another 100. The speed is picking up, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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