My First MailChimp Update is Out!

Yep! Just as the title says, today saw the first-ever Africa Boy Premium MailChimp update! If you were a Premium User, then you just received a special email for your eyes only! Guys, if you haven’t joined the Premium users, then you should definitely do so! You can find the link here. If you want to see the update, but don’t want to join, you can find that link here. To the people that have joined the Premium Users, thank you so much for your support in joining! I truly appreciate it. I am already more than halfway to 200 followers on Africa Boy, and 15% of the way to my MailChimp goal of 100 followers! Truly, I feel blessed. Thank you so much for your support, and I wish you a wonderful day!

My MailChimp Premium Subscriber List is Up!

Hey! My MailChimp Premium subscriber list is up! Do you want upgraded content? Do you want to join the Africa Boy premium followers? If so, prepare to do two things.

Africa Boy – Stories, God's Grace, and lots of Coffee - Google Chrome 8_24_2019 6_09_04 PM

1: If you haven’t already, click that Follow button on the side (if you are on a computer) or bottom (if on a phone or tablet) of the screen. Now, you’ll get regular updates to my regular posts!

Africa Boy – Stories, God's Grace, and lots of Coffee - Google Chrome 8_24_2019 6_32_17 PM.png

2: Join our Premium Subscribers! You can do this by either clicking the popup at the bottom of the page, identical to the picture above, or by clicking this link! If you do so, you will receive lengthy, detailed updates once a month containing details on my family, recent happenings in Uganda, and way, way more.

Link to join:

Link to my previous update about Mail Chimp: