900 Followers Celebration!

900 Followers Celebration

Here we are again, back with yet another “Follower Milestone” post! We were having these so often, I skipped what would have been the “700 Followers” and “800 Followers” posts, instead waiting for the bigger milestone- 900!

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The False Pretense of Teenage Christianity

The Pretense of Teenage Christianity

Last week, I blogged about the true meaning of our teenage years. In that post, I laid out what our culture expects of us, the teenagers. Directly after, I gave a call. I called all teenagers into the “Do Hard Things” movement, a commitment to rebelling against low expectations and doing the hard things.

But, you see, it’s hard to be a Christian teen, doing hard things, when the very idea of your Christianity is a pretense in the first place.

Something has taken ahold of today’s “Christian” teen generation. Though not new, it seems to have grown far larger in the past few decades. For some reason, teenagers raised in Christian homes create a false pretense of Christianity, operating under the banner of our beliefs but not living the lifestyle you’d expect of a true Christian. This false pretense of teenage Christianity casts a terrible shadow upon our faith, leaving many to justly believe that Christians are hypocrites.

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How to Prepare for Cultural Transition

How to prepare for cultural transition Airplane sunset

Cultural transition is one of the worst experiences a human being can go through. It seems, at times, as if you’ve changed worlds, and adjusting to this massive change drains more than energy; it drains your spirit.

Why does this happen? Is there an explanation for the difficulty in cultural change?

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The Glory of God in Rap

The Glory of God in Rap

Christian rap is completely underrated. It has been spit on, downtrodden, and hated for so long, it’s rather pathetic. I have seen this treatment come from all sides, including the Christians.

Why? What’s so bad about some Christian guys rapping?

Nothing, actually.

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What Does It Really Mean to be a Teen?

What does it mean to be a teen?

Today’s teenagers are fed a steady mantra. “You’re just teens, what can you do?” “That’s too ambitious, why don’t you aim a little lower?” Personally, I’m sick of hearing it, whether from those close to me or even people that hardly know me. For some reason, we are classified as children with the bodies of adults.

Actually, that classification isn’t far off.

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Ten Tips to Blogging Like a Pro

Ten Tips to Blogging Like a Pro

There’s a massive difference between blogging like a beginner and blogging like a pro. Pros receive traffic, beginners don’t. Being a beginner isn’t bad of course; everybody has to start somewhere. Taking the step and becoming a better blogger, however, is a key part to seeing success.

Granted, I am not the greatest example. I have seen moderate success with my writing, but nowhere near that of excerpts like Neil Patel or Cristian Mihai. However, these ten tips are a compilation of the tips offered by experts such as the aforementioned Neil Patel. Employing them will ensure your step-up to the levels of elite bloggers and will give you an eventual boost in traffic.

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Christ, the God of Fulfillment

Christ the God of Fulfillment cross images

Even in the darkest of times, God is good. It seems cliche, doesn’t it? Yet over the last eight weeks, this has become my mantra. I have repeated it over and over again, and the words still haven’t lost their meaning.

We all suffer. It’s part of being human. Some suffer more than others, leaving us to question life’s equality. Others bear suffering as their cross, convinced that the burden doesn’t exist.

In one way or another, every single one of us is suffering. You, reading this, are suffering. Right now. In some way, you are. I, writing this, am suffering. It’s part of sin’s curse.

Thanks, Adam.

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Three Popular Misconceptions About Christianity

Three Popular Misconceptions About Christianity empty church

Any person with even the most mediocre understanding of religious statistics will tell you that out of every three people you meet, one will be a Christian. Or, at least, they claim to be Christian.

In every culture, we find watered-down Christianity. In Africa, we find Christianity mixed with semblances of witchcraft. In the East, we find Christianity blended with spiritualism. In the West, we find Christianity blended with self-worship and atheism.

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The Christian Response to Death

Candle Christian response to dating

Yesterday, a dearly loved member of my family passed away. She was eighty-three and died from a mixture of old age and internal complications.

Thankfully, my family felt moved to say our goodbyes to this dear relative, and so last week my father and I drove 800 miles to Florida. We managed to spend a good amount of time with her, although she was unconscious or incoherent most of the time. We sang over her, prayed, spoke, laughed, cried. . . and we made memories.

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Four Fatal Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog Traffic

Mistakes that will kill your traffic

Blogging can be tricky, and it doesn’t get any easier. Mistakes in the beginning may not count, but the further along you get, the worse you feel when you actually do mess up.

If you want to avoid the massive dip in traffic that often comes with committing a major blogging mistake, make sure to have these four items checked off your list. If you have already done the work, you will be fine. If not, you should probably get to work right away.

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What Does “Yahweh” Really Mean?

What does Yahweh mean

Yahweh, Yahweh

Always pain before a child is born

Yahweh, Yahweh

Still, I’m waiting for the dawn


These words were sung by popular 90’s band U2. At the time, nobody knew what Yahweh even meant. The song seemed rather random, as many of U2’s works were at the time. And, while many of U2’s fans did not understand the song’s meaning, the writers did. They were referencing God, and only the Christians and Jews recognized it.

So, what does Yahweh really mean?

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