[Opinion] Why Tom Brady Should Have Retired

Tom Brady goodbye retiring

Two days ago, in a statement that surprised nobody, Tom Brady announced he would be leaving the Patriots organization for good.

Wait. What?

Tom Brady? The deflate guy?

Yes, Tom Brady. The deflate guy. He isn’t a Patriot, he is the Patriots. Or, rather, he was. Now, he is the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When I first heard this, I didn’t know whether to laugh… or laugh. I chose the former. While some took to Twitter, calling the man a sellout, I just chuckled. What on earth is he doing? Does he honestly think he can win there?

Let’s take a look at this interesting decision. Oh, but before we do, look at what my favorite and most reliable website, Wikipedia, has to say about my man Tom Brady.

Tom Brady wikipedia age

Ignoring all of those other interesting statistics (like the fact he’s four inches taller than me), do you see that age number? In case you don’t see it, circled in red, it says “age 42”.

First of all, this means that Tom Brady is only 8 months younger than my dad. My dad, Keith McFarland, just turned 43, and as of right now, he is battling ACL tears in both of his knees. Growing up a soccer, basketball, and baseball player, he is one of the greatest athletes I have ever had the pleasure to meet (and I have met D1 basketball players). Before the age of 23, he could bench press 300 pounds- double his bodyweight. And yet now, aged 43, he injures himself so easily that I have begun a new hobby- stopping him from injuring himself and diagnosing his injury when he does.

I’m sorry, Mr. Brady, but there is no way you are a better physical athlete then my dad. You can throw a football a lot better, sure, but he has you beat in every single physical category except height. And even with all of that, look what happened. He is injury-ridden and will probably never play sports the same.

Once a football player passes the age of 40, things begin to change. No longer can he take a sack and bounce up from the turf as if he was blown over by the wind. Now, every hit feels like a truck, and injuries plague you at every turn. Miraculously, Brady has managed to not get himself majorly injured in quite some time. There is, sadly, a reason for that- out of every single quarterback in the National Football League, Brady gets sacked the least. The Patriots organization understands the massive need for an offensive line to guard their prize, and they have taken measures accordingly.

In comparison, let’s look at Jameis Winston, the former starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Brady’s new team). Last season, Winston was sacked 47 times, averaging just under three sacks a game. To date, Tampa Bay has not done anything to upgrade their offensive line, so it remains likely that they will allow a similar number of sacks next season. If a quarterback who was sacked only 27 times (to an average of less than 2 sacks a game) comes into a new team that allows almost double the sacks as the older team, you can expect that quarterback to be thrown off greatly. If Brady were, for example, a younger (and more muscular) quarterback like Cam Newton, this wouldn’t faze him at all. But, as we saw earlier, Brady is getting old. Too many sacks, and he can almost expect to be injured.

Brady’s woes don’t just end there. Having spent his entire career with the New England Patriots, he was the face of the organization. He should have mimicked Kobe Bryant (rest in peace) and retired with his team. Nothing, and I mean nothing, good comes out of changing teams before your retirement. Look at Michael Jordan or Brett Favre. They became the faces of their organizations, played fantastically with their original teams for a number of years, only to change teams and completely bomb in their last seasons. While I’m not going to make any definitive predictions as to Brady’s status one year from now, I will say this: Tom Brady is not going to win a Superbowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady is not going to win a Superbowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I will donate my entire life’s savings to Donald Trump if he manages to do so.

“Why couldn’t he win a Superbowl with the Buccaneers? Isn’t he coming into the best wide receiver duo in the league?” You probably ask. Yes, he is. In fact, he will probably put up better numbers in Tampa Bay then he has in several years. He is entering the offense of his dreams- a phenomenal wide receiver duo, a great tight end, and a fantastic running back duo. His head coach is a great guy, and the offensive coordinator will probably work wonders with the new quarterback.

“But aren’t you agreeing with me?”

Oh yes, I am. Brady’s going to be fantastic. However, I stand by my previous point- he isn’t going to win a Super Bowl. Do you know why? One word: defense. Tampa Bay’s defense is so bad, they’d make the Dolphins look good. And, to quote the cliche saying, “defense wins championships.” Even the greatest offense in the world will lose when the opposing team doesn’t have to work for points.

Sorry, Brady. You should have retired. Now, you run a risk of being embarrassed in the playoffs, injured in the season, and mocked as a sellout in the offseason. Your Patriot fans are angry with you, and the Tampa Bay fans, for the most part, want no part of you. If you want to get out of this hole, you’d better put up the greatest numbers of your life.

Alright, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m not a Brady hater, and I respect his skill, but I stand by what I have said. Anyway, if you did like this post, make sure to click that Follow button below (or to the side). That way, you’ll get notified when I release new posts like this. Thanks again, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

To read about Tom Brady, click here.

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13 thoughts on “[Opinion] Why Tom Brady Should Have Retired

  1. Even though I’m a TB12 fan….Great post! I wish that he had just retired, and kept the name of the Patriots. But, nope. Each man has his own ways, I guess. I’ll still be a fan of him (even if I’m not that big into Buccaneers…); I just wish he had chosen to retire, while he’s healthy and still doing well.
    Again, great post! Keep up the good work; your blog is awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ella Smalley

    Such a biased article, lol just kidding you. I am a Brady and Pats fan because I live in New England, I love watching and playing football but I could honestly care less about who wins in the NFL. But do agree that Tom Brady should have stayed with the Patriots or just retired. I think Tom Brady made the Pats a great team, and the team made Tom Brady great, without the two working together I am not sure how it will work out for either one. Also were you insulting Donald Trump by your comment or was that a statement for him? Lol great post even though I am one of those dreaded Patriots Fans. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Matthew Smith

    Hey, it’s me again! I want to say that there is a way that TB MAY a better athlete than your dad, just like because he probably is. TB has spent his entire life making sure he stays fit. Also TB gets rid of the ball faster than Jameis Winston. Next, the Tampa Bay defence always had to defend a short field because of Jameis Wintson’s interceptions, so they actually aren’t THAT bad. Great Job though! Are you actually going to do what you said? THIS: “Tom Brady is not going to win a Superbowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I will donate my entire life’s savings to Donald Trump if he manages to do so.” ?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. dolphinwrite

    Each person lives the life they choose, and sometimes don’t choose. Tom has had an amazing career. That he wants a couple years in Tampa is all well and good. To each his own. But of course, there are always people who identify with teams and players and wish they would complete their careers as they like. They’re called fans.

    Liked by 1 person

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