The Coronavirus vs. Malaria: Answering Questions and Comparing Death Tolls

I have removed this post due to an inability to continue to update it and for misinformation that, at the time, appeared to be legitimate.

27 thoughts on “The Coronavirus vs. Malaria: Answering Questions and Comparing Death Tolls

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. I honestly don’t know what to think about this whole coronavirus thing… Most people are definitely overreacting and getting overly scared, though there is some reason for that. When you compare the coronavirus with even just the flu, its numbers are small in comparison to the very normal sickness people often get. I don’t know what the future holds, but I think that all we need to do is: Stay strong through this as a people, keep personal hygiene (which, obviously everyone should be doing already…), look out for yourself and those around you, and most importantly, trust God through this. Whatever happens, He’s got it all under control, and there’s no reason to freak out or anything, when we know that God is in control.
    Anyways, pardon my long comment. Again, thanks for the great post. Keep up the good work!

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  2. NoahJ

    It is really funny to see all the people freaking out about Coronavirus and its not even that bad. It might even be called a ‘Baby Virus’ when compared to Ebola or Malaria 🀣🀣

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  4. I do not think COVID-19 is over-hyped. Remember Ebola never made it to the US or /Canada, that I know of. Malaria also effects a certain geographic area and that is the key. The Cornavirus has no boundaries. It is a cross-over virus from animals to humans. People in bad health will most likely die from it. You can have it for 5 days and not even know it, but still be contagious. The spread has been geometric.. See this link:

    The real tragedy here is that China hid it for so long.

    “We currently do not know where 2019-nCoV falls on the scale of human-to-human transmissibility. But it is safe to assume that if this virus transmits efficiently, its seemingly lower pathogenicity as compared with SARS, possibly combined with super-spreader events in specific cases, could allow large-scale spread. In this manner, a virus that poses a low health threat on the individual level can pose a high risk on the population level, with the potential to cause disruptions of global public health systems and economic losses. This possibility warrants the current aggressive response aimed at tracing and diagnosing every infected patient and thereby breaking the transmission chain of 2019-nCoV.”

    Take care Africa Boy, bless you and your work. You are very advanced for your age , Good parenting I guess. We need more of that in the US.

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    1. Thank you very much, and you are correct. I appreciate you taking the time to correct me, and I’ll adjust the mistakes I’ve made in the post.
      xD my parents would be pleased to hear that, thank you very much, sir.


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