Throwback Saturday: The Consequences of Hunger

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One day, about a year ago, I found myself hungry with no snacks to eat. So, being a classic Missionary Kid, I went in search of food. But, to my dismay, the mango and banana trees were devoid of any fruit. So, hoping to find something worth eating, I went and found my friend, Mugabe Robert. He knew a lot of the trees in the area, so I asked him if there was any ripe fruit nearby. He took me to a local jackfruit tree (see the above picture) and told me there was a ripe one at the top. But, there was a catch. He said that he was afraid of the wasps in the tree and refused to climb until they were removed. I, thinking I was fearless, volunteered to go and pick the fruit.

Now, as you’ve seen in the picture above, jackfruits are giant fruits that can withstand a twenty-foot fall. The only way to pick them is to saw off their stem and let them drop to the ground. So, armed with a machete, I climbed the tree. Then, seeing the wasp nest, I faltered.

The nest was HUGE. Easily larger than my closed fist, it teamed with wasps.

“Ah, Mugabe?” I shouted down. “If I suddenly jump down, prepare to run.”

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4 WordPress SEO Practices to Begin For 2020

SEO Search Engine Optimization Africa Boy

2020 has arrived. And with it, a new wave of SEO updates has emerged. Last year, we saw a massive update to the industry, penalizing specific sites and sometimes giving others near-overnight fame. When Google releases an update, people watch out. Usually, they release one every so often, so who knows what the future holds for SEO experts and digital marketers?

To combat the constant Google updates, we need to keep up with new information. What may have worked for websites back in 2005 will get you penalized in 2020. If people don’t get with the times and learn the new practices that work, they will never see exponential growth in their websites.

If you are one of those people, don’t worry. There is always time to learn and grow. If you begin to implement these tactics into your site now, you should see a large growth in traffic. Make sure to do them correctly and, if need be, consult experts such as Neil Patel if you need help.

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Why 2020 Will Be the Best Year of My Life

Change. It’s what defines us, is it not? At some points in our daily lives, we resist change in its various forms. Changes in relationship, physical location, and mood are all common things that we, as humans, deal with on a daily basis. However, some forms of change can be beneficial to us, some more obvious than others. While a job change that increases your salary by 40% is an obviously good change, a death in the family would likely be considered the opposite. Despite this quick classification, you may not realize at the time that the death of that loved one will actually shape you and your relationship with God in the future.

This is where Romans 8:28 comes into play. It says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” The verse is very clear- God works all things for good, including change. Should change be resisted? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the situation. However, one thing is for certain- God works all change for his good, and in some way, change will be good for you or someone around you.

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4 Things to Look For in 2020

Fireworks New Years Eve

In Uganda, the year 2020 has started off with a bang. Literally. For the first time ever, fireworks were seen all across the country to bring in the New Year. If I had somehow been awake at 11:59 PM on December 31st, 2019, I would have heard the familiar bang of fireworks. Unfortunately, I had something better to do-sleep.

For the first time in my life, I was not at my house during New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t even at a family member’s house. I was at a hotel in Entebbe. My family had been taking a much-needed vacation, owing to the absence from my house during this time. I was disappointed to not be here, but then I realized: I could still ring in the New Year in a hotel.

However, much to my dismay, the night of December 30th turned out to be abysmal, and I was unable to take a long nap the following day. By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I was exhausted and probably looked like something out of The Walking Dead. I barely made it to 11:00, keeping myself awake by watching Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I somehow managed to stay awake until 11:50, ten minutes until the New Year, before falling asleep in my hotel room. What a disappointment.

Oh well. Anyway, Happy New Year! It is now 2020 and, for the first time in 101 years, the first two numbers of the year mirror the second two numbers. The last time this happened was in 1919, when women’s rights were being explored, Babe Ruth transferred to the New York Yankees for a record sum, Teddy Roosevelt died in his sleep, World War I ended, and Louie Zamperini, Olympic athlete and famously converted Christian, was born. Truly, a remarkable year. And now, with 2020 just beginning, here are four things to be ready for the new year, mirroring what happened in 1919.

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