Throwback Saturday: Christ’s Coffee

Christs Coffee Africa Boy

Yep, you knew it was coming. Coffee is, after all, one of the Africa Boy pillars. It’s what keeps me (and probably you) sane. So, if you aren’t a coffee fan, dry your eyes and click that back button, because this post isn’t for you.

Coffee does make you a better Christian. Of course, I’m sure an argument could be made for tea, but in all honesty, I think that tea just makes you a better person in general. Coffee, however, is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind (the full list includes bacon, chocolate, and hamburgers), and thus deserves our utmost respect. After all, there are four ways it makes you and me better Christians.

  1. Coffee keeps our tired minds clear. In a day and age that is all work and no play, Coffee is Jack’s drink. After a long, hard day of study, one of the best experiences life can offer is a few minutes alone with a steaming cup of coffee and a Bible. It clears our minds, invigorates our limbs, and gives us a new purpose in life!
  2. Coffee is so unique, it draws our attention to God’s creation. While artificial flavors can be found in any store, coffee is unique because the flavor is hard to mimic. And, not only is it unique, but it’s difficult to process and roast, causing many to wonder how the ancient Arabs discovered this heavenly drink. Certainly, it was an act of God. As you drink your coffee, don’t forget to thank God for that wonderful drink!
  3. Coffee gives us energy! Sure, Coca-Cola or Red Bull can do that too, but they’re jam-packed with sugar and artificial flavors. Coffee is todo natural. Coffee gives us enough energy to make it to the end of the day, allowing us to praise God that we made it through another trashy day. When a day is long or boring, a good cup of coffee (and a burst of energy) is often just the thing needed to bring a smile back on your face.
  4. Coffee is the perfect drink to take to church. While tea can be boring and water just watery, Coffee is always just that: coffee. What better drink to take into God’s building? And, for that matter, what better drink to sip on while you listen to God’s word? Just saying, there’s a reason that 90% of all American churches offer coffee, not tea. Maybe God ordained that, maybe not.

Well, that’s all the coffee for today. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you were salivating and craving a good cup of Joe. If not, you aren’t human (kidding). Coffee is life, amen amen.

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10 thoughts on “Throwback Saturday: Christ’s Coffee

  1. Anneka

    Well now that you’ve got a post on coffee, you should do a post on tea with many more benefits 😀 haha jkjkjk Interesting post!

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