Christmas: The Most Hectic Time of Year

It’s easy to get distracted during the Christmas season. With all the lights to be hung, chicken to be cooked, gifts to be bought, and trees to be decorated, we can sometimes feel almost glad when Christmas is over. We can all breathe a deep sigh, throw away the wrapping paper, and prop our feet up, because Christmas is here.

Oh wait. New Year’s is coming. Nope, you aren’t allowed to sit down. Get up and begin preparations for the party next week. Go go go, rush rush rush. Neverending business. Does this sound at all like you?

We get so distracted with the day, we forget to thank the Creator. While getting caught up in the moment is understandable, especially during December, we cannot forget to thank the Creator of the day itself. After all, isn’t that who the day was created for? Jesus?

Without a doubt, Christmas is the focus of December. At least, if you aren’t Jewish. Regardless, when you ask a child what their favorite part of December is, they will, without a doubt, answer, “Christmas!” I mean, who doesn’t like getting gifts and eating chicken?

Because of what Christmas has to offer, it is difficult to take even the smallest moment to breathe or think. Despite this, we have to do our best to Selah, or “stop and think”. When our lives get busy, we need to immediately look for time to get out of the flow, take a break, and reflect.

So, even during this intensely busy Christmas break, take at least three hours off this week. Don’t forget to thank the Lord for creating this amazing day, and enjoy this time of Advent!

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9 thoughts on “Christmas: The Most Hectic Time of Year

  1. Chicken? Is that what you eat in Africa? I think here in the U.S. most people eat ham for Christmas, but some eat turkey or beef. What do you eat with your chicken and how is the chicken cooked? 🙂 I’d like to know more about your traditions. Merry Christmas! Joy to the World, the Lord is born!

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