Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Until You’re 19


In today’s world, dating is treated as a recreational hobby. Many do it for fun or for sport, not really realizing the consequences early dating can bring. Many children begin dating as early as ten when their bodies begin to develop and crushes begin to hit them. While many feelings can be appropriate or even healthy, acting upon these at such a young age is detrimental to growth and maturity.

So, to avoid a serious loss in growth and maturity, when should we start dating? Assuming you’ve read my post about Christian dating, you know what real, Christian, dating is and what God created it for. You would also know that God calls us to only date when we are preparing for marriage. Of course, it’s very possible that the first girl you date will not become your spouse. After all, we are human and we do make mistakes. But, if the full intent of the pursuit of marriage still remains, the courtship is valid and holy in God’s eyes.

Granted, some courtships, even with the intent of marriage, become tainted and sinful. These are usually brought about by a lack of self-control, which can lead to all kinds of sexual or spiritual sin. This is a rather large topic, however, and we’ll talk more about this next week.

Now, since you know about all of that beginner stuff, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. A common, dating-related question revolves around age. Is there a specific age to start? The answer, while not entirely surprising, just might catch you off guard.


However, there is an age to not be dating, and there is a minimum age to dating. However, neither of those are as specific as some people would like. So, instead of giving you a specific age to begin dating, let’s give you five reasons you shouldn’t be dating until you are nineteen years old.

  1. You won’t have the money to fully support a romantic relationship of any kind. Guys, if you want to make a lasting impression, you need to have a little bit of money. Enough to take her out to Taco Bell or buy her roses on her birthday. Ladies, you need to have enough money to help pay for the bill, because some of us are cheapskates. Of course, this may be proven invalid if you are a rich kid or have a nice job. If that’s the case, then put that money towards more lasting pursuits, such as college, charities, church, or New Hope Uganda. Once you are in college, have a job and a little bit of money, then you are ready to start dating. Even then, however, you aren’t ready to support a family, which is why many wise Christians wait to date until they have finished college. Then, hopefully, they will have enough money to sustain a wife and children.
  2. You won’t have the maturity to grow in love and relationship to the fullest extent. Again, this is very debatable. Some irrational teens claim that they have the maturity needed to sustain a lasting relationship, but then contradict themselves when the relationship falls apart two months later and they are left single. Trust me, this is more common then you might think. The amount of growth and maturity needed to keep a relationship from falling to ruin is far more than most understand. But, upon entering college, the world is suddenly thrust on a teen’s shoulders, and they are forced to mature rapidly. Often, a teen will return home from their Freshmen year at college as a totally different person, both mentally and spiritually. As such, it is advisable for teens to wait until they are past their first years in college before dating.
  3. You probably won’t have the knowledge to support a relationship with someone of the opposite gender. Personally, my closest friends were completely boys until about eight months ago. For some sheltered teens, this may happen even later. Chances are, if you are a Christian homeschooler like me, you have absolutely no idea how to properly treat a lady. Your dad probably wants to teach you, but he’s either too busy or too embarrassed to actually guide you through the process. Many teens don’t enter close friendships with members of the opposite sex until their freshman year at college. There, they learn proper manners from their peers, both male and female.
  4. You won’t be emotionally ready to handle a full relationship with members of the opposite sex. This applies mostly to ladies, who are wired as emotional beings. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not being sexist. It’s the truth, but there are obviously exceptions. Some ladies don’t react as emotionally as others. Some guys react more emotionally than more. But, for the most part, ladies are more emotionally wired then guys. Because of this, ladies find it very difficult to sustain romantic relationships before the age of nineteen. If you’ve seen the blockbuster movie Incredibles 2, you probably remember that scene in which Violet, the teenager superhero and oldest daughter of the Par family, is asked on a date by Tony, a popular guy at her school. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Tony is unable to attend the date and basically leaves Violet hanging. She returns home and spends the rest of the night crying and eating ice cream. This is what I mean by “emotionally wired”. While a guy might be disappointed or annoyed by the loss of a girlfriend, ladies often take it much more personal. Again, this is a scientific fact, not sexism. You can find more information here and here. Now, because women are more emotional than men, they often find themselves feeling sad or depressed when confronted with the results of a failed relationship. However, both sides still retain a level of emotion. Both sides are very capable of becoming too emotionally attached to each other, only to break up after six months. This is, to quote Matt Winkler, “practice for divorce”. If you are dating before the age of nineteen, when you can get too emotionally attached, you are most likely practicing for divorce.
  5. You won’t have the spiritual maturity needed to sustain a Godly relationship. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to non-believers. If you are reading this and you are not a Christian, feel free to skip this paragraph. If you are a Christian, this applies to you. Many Christians do not mature spiritually at a fast rate until they enter their Freshman year of college. Spiritual maturity is described as a “relationship with God”. In essence, many Christians do not progress in their relationships with God at a relevant rate until they are Freshmen in college. By relevance, I mean that they do not grow at a rate that will actually matter to their relationships until they are in their first year of college. Because of this, I would actually say that very few Christian guys are able to appropriately lead their girlfriends in a legitimate, healthy walk with the Lord before the age of nineteen. This is a difficult statement for many to swallow, but I have found it true so far. Again, there are exceptions to this. If a parent were to deem their child mature enough to lead or be lead in the proper way, then they are, of course, free to do as they please. This must be left to the parent’s judgment, provided that the parent actually knows what maturity entitles and how mature their child must be.

Disclaimer: All of these have exceptions. None of these reasons are overarching, set-in-stone rules that must be followed at all costs. If a teen is dating with the permission of a wise, Godly parent, then they may ignore this list entirely.

Hopefully, by this point, you’ll have a set plan of when you want to date. Or, if you are a parent, you have a set plan of when you would like your child to date. At the very least, you have a general idea of the proper age for dating. As stated before, dating is a difficult subject to discuss, especially within the realm of Christianity. If you have any questions, talk to your local pastor or counselor, or shoot me an email.

As always, guys, thanks so much for reading this post. I hope you really, really enjoyed it. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to click that Follow button so as to not miss out on any new posts. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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30 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Until You’re 19

  1. NoahJ

    This was fantastic! But, I think that you could have said that growing in maturity with God first, then dating after because a love for God will be reflected with your spouse and therefore have a good and Lord-loving marriage 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good points. I think it’s a bit younger for girls and a bit older for guys. Though 19 is about the mark. I hate how lots of the people I know are dating because then t fails, because they’re fourteen, and it really hurts their growth and self-image.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anneka @

    Yeah I agree with you. My dad doesn’t like the concept of date though, he says we should call it courting because date is typically referred to as like boyfriend, Girlfriend.

    But I 100% agree with you! Great post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Array

    Yeah I agree with you. My dad doesn’t like the concept of date though, he says we should call it courting because date is typically referred to as like boyfriend, Girlfriend.
    But I 100% agree with you! Good post!


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  6. While I would generally think nineteen is a really high number, I also love a lot of the points you raised in here! Relational and spiritual maturity is extremely important in any relationship, and often these don’t develop until you’re older. Also, SO true about not understanding other people, whether it’s the opposite sex or the same one. I’m in my midteens and I still can’t say I fully understand what people expect from me in relationships, even platonic ones.

    For me, I don’t mind kids dating early teens, so long as A) They’re mature enough to handle the range of emotions and just as importantly to communicate with someone if they can’t, B) They’re knowledgable about sexual health and feel comfortable telling an adult if they are abused in any way, and C) They’re interested in companionship with a person and not in doing it because their friends are doing it. Honestly, though, this scale is so subjective that it’s hard to measure who falls on this criteria. The fact is, there are ADULTS who don’t fit this, so I don’t think it’s related to age so much as just…maturity. Which you acknowledged brilliantly in your last point, by the way.

    Please feel free to disagree with me here, I love a good discussion!


  7. This is exactly what my sister and I talk about all the time!! It’s nice reading another young Christian’s perspective on dating, and seeing that we’re not the only ones who think like this. Very well written, Elisha!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Hi! I’m Heaven’s sister ^^^

    We came across this and was so encouraged! We don’t meet many other Christians who have the same convictions and values such as these when it comes to dating, marriage, and guy-girl relationships. Thank you for talking about this and really thinking about these things! It’s so awesome to see another young person take such a firm stance on these kinds of issues! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. What would your thoughts be on a situation where a guy and girl knew each other for like 10 years and they were great friends for (say) 4 years and went to the same college at 18? Would you say that dating would be okay or wait until after that year (or 2) of college?
    Just curious about your thoughts on that (that’s not my situation at all)

    Liked by 1 person

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