The Brown Problem: An (in)Complete Look at the Antonio Brown Drama

Antonio Brown 84

Unless you’ve been off the internet for the last year, you’ve heard of the drama centering around Antonio Brown. Brown, possibly the best Wide Receiver in the league, started the year still in a five year, $72.7 million contract. Unfortunately, the deal turned black as relationships between Brown and head coach Tomlin de-escalated. A few insults later, Brown was being offered up for trade in what was probably the most garage-sale like offer in history. He was eventually traded to the Oakland Raiders, who offered him a contract worth $30 million.

Antonio Brown Raiders

By this point, we thought the drama was done. At least, most of the critics did. But, Brown continued his drama, which, while being surprising, we should have expected. Over one summer, reports of frost-bitten feet, temper tantrums on Twitter, arguments with a General Manager, and a massive dispute over a helmet began to appear on the news, one after another. It was like Brown was trying to act like a three-year-old. Well, as it turns out, he was.

A few weeks ago, the Raiders released Brown in a one-sentence statement. Hardly surprising, surely, but what followed was really astounding. Four hours after Brown was released, the New England Patriots announced that they had signed Brown to a one-year, $15 million contract. Instantly, eyebrows began to rise. How on earth did the Patriots sign him so fast? That might have been some kind of world record. Not to mention the fact that last March, Brown said that, in a conversation with Drew Rosenhaus-a sports agent- he had spoken about how awesome it would be to play for the Patriots. Apparently, Rosenhaus had tried to make that dream happen, but no luck. The Steelers and Patriots are such huge rivals, Pittsburgh makes sure that their old players end up nowhere near New England.

So, Brown went to the Raiders, where he couldn’t do any harm. But then, we saw Brown’s childlike behavior continuing, and he was released. Did he intentionally act this way so that he would be fired and put on Free Agency? Absolutely. Within a few months, Brown went from being tied in a four-year contract, to being tied in a one-year contract, both being situations over which he had no power. Then, Brown was fired and put on Free Agency, and he suddenly can choose who he signs with. So, he signed with a team that didn’t mind his past- the New England Patriots. Sure, they have little leeway for troublesome players, but they’ll take anyone they can get.

Finally, Brown had what he wanted- a team that he wanted to play for. But, the drama didn’t end here. Previously, Brown had had a few run-ins with the law, with the latest being him convicted for driving 100 MPH in a Pittsburgh suburb with a speed limit of 45 MPH. Then, two weeks ago, Brown was accused of rape and sexual abuse by his former trainer, Brittney Taylor. Shortly after playing his first game for the Patriots (with four receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown), Brown was released by the Patriots, presumedly for more bad behavior.

Will the Antonio Brown drama ever end? Somehow, I doubt it. This is something even Hollywood couldn’t think up (and I’m sure they’ll make a movie or Netflix series on it), and it just won’t stop. Currently, Brown is classified as a Free Agent, but three days ago he announced his apparent retirement on Twitter, saying that he would “not be playing anymore”.

Brown, if you’re reading this man, I’ve only got one thing to say: you need Jesus, and if you’ve already got Him, He’s got some stuff to say to you. Better listen up, and go play for the Bears.


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