But First, Coffee


Most mornings, I wake up to a vibration on my wrist. My FitBit (a knockoff, mind you) has an alarm function that, instead of beeping, vibrates to wake you up. Sleeping in a room with two brothers, I find it helpful to have an alarm that will only wake me up. So, I often find myself waking up before anyone else, save for my parents.

Now, most people wake up and get their Bible. As much as I, Elisha McFarland “Africa Boy”, admire that, I cannot function that way. Instead, I wake up and make coffee. The very first thing I do, before I talk to God, is make coffee.

Now, I do not order these in manner of importance. If that was the case, I would join the movement of “First, Bible” people. I simply do this as a matter of necessity. If I were to first open my Bible, and not drink a single cup of coffee, I would find it extremely difficult to focus. Coffee is crucial for my early morning Bible reading because it zones me in and helps me focus.

Now, this morning was different. Instead of waking up early for Bible devotions, I woke up even earlier for a Fantasy Football draft. Yes, I do Fantasy Football. Yes, I am ashamed that I did that instead of devotions, but I had no choice. No, Fantasy Football is not stupid.


So, I woke up and completed my draft. But, to the careful observer, something was missing. That morning, I drank no coffee! *gasp* After several months of drinking coffee while doing devotions, I have come to associate Bible with coffee. Read the Bible, get rewarded with coffee. So, because I wasn’t reading the Bible, I didn’t get coffee.

So, what am I saying? Am I saying that coffee addiction is the best thing for you? Absolutely not. But, I do encourage you: if you are having trouble waking up or staying up to read your Bible, create an incentive. Although the Bible itself is enough of an incentive, sometimes we need a little more. So, make some tea or eat a piece of chocolate. Reserve something special for your Bible times, thus giving you even more to look forward to.

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