September 1st!


Hey hey hey! For those of you that didn’t read the title, today is September the First! Once again, we find ourselves at the beginning of another month. As September looms ahead, and August is tossed into the trash, what will we focus our minds on?

This isn’t a new years resolution. I’m not asking that you read this post and think, “Wow! I want to go and be a better person!” Personally, the only things I really want to do better in September are sleeping more (probably not possible) and drinking more coffee (That should be my slogan). But, there is something I should be doing that, looking back on the last few months, is extremely important: spend more time in the Word. No, I don’t mean WordPress. I am talking about God’s Word, the Holy and Inspired wisdom and commandment from God the Eternal for me, Elisha the puny.

So, for the month of September (and the rest of my life), I am going to strive to be reading the Bible more. I encourage you to do the same, not to imitate me, but because it’s important! Guys, this is a battle for our souls. We cannot take it lightly. Let’s fight for truth, pray for wisdom, and study our Bible. Amen.


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