Loving LGBTQ?

Two days ago, I was checking CNN. While scrolling down the page, an article caught my eye. The title went like this “A group of Christians attended a pride parade to apologize for how they’ve treated the LGBT community“. After reading the article (found here), I found myself quite impressed. A group of Christians from Marikina, Philippines gathered to talk to members of the LGBTQ community. However, instead of gathering to throw insults or commandments at the group, they gathered with a single message: We’re sorry. This message is far more profound then we might think. Many Christians, ignoring the Bibles commands about love and grace, chose to make enemies of the LGBTQ community, even going so far as to tell them “they aren’t human”.

This treatment of the LGBTQ community is unacceptable. Despite what they stand for, these members are human beings. They love, they laugh, they hope, and they dream. We can disagree with others without having to throw insults or hatred. Some members of the LGBTQ community hate Christians, and for some good reasons. Christians are the main antagonists of the LGBTQ community. After all, the Bible states clearly that homosexuality is a sin. Even though we, as Christians, are required by our faith to disagree with those that support homosexuality, we are still called to love them like fellow human beings. So even if you are to meet a member of the LGBTQ community, you can still respectfully disagree with their opinions, but don’t forget to be loving and gracious. After all, God created them, and He loves them.

11 thoughts on “Loving LGBTQ?

  1. Love, love, LOVE this post!!! SO true!!! Often times, we as Christians forget that we need to love everyone, even if they disagree with us. We think that we are more righteous, and so therefore, we look down on those who we view as being “lesser” and “unworthy” of our love. But that’s so wrong and I am SO glad that you pointed that out. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!

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  2. Oh my goodness! How well put!!
    I think being kind is SO important, but sticking to God’s word is even more so. It makes me very sad when Christians are hateful to LGBTQ, but it is even more sad when they make it OKAY! I’ve seen it time and again where many Christians arn’t just kind to them, but make it seem that what they are doing isn’t a sin.
    I think you made your point very clear and I wholeheartedly agree!!
    Well done.
    Sincerely ~Hero~

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing this…It’s so true and sometimes as Christians, it can be hard to understand how we should deal with the LGBTQ community. Some of my cousins are trans and gay so it’s really hard to know how to respond to them. 🙂

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  4. I full heartedly believe that we are to love everyone as God loves us, but I do not believe that we are required to be “buddy buddy” with someone in the LGBT community. I also totally understand that that is not what you are saying EXACTLY, it is just that it is possible to be loving without surrendering to their decisions. I do not hate anyone on this planet (maybe rapists, pedophiles, and abortionists) which is why I don’t believe that I have ever committed a crime of hatred towards their community, simply not allowed them to get away with one of the Bible’s most heinous crimes Scott free. 🙂

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  5. Bam, now that’s a good post. I believe we should treat them equally and with respect, even if we don’t believe in their beliefs, they have their opinions and we do ours. It’s treat others the way you want to be treated. 🙂

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