Top Ten Songs Tag

We’re back with another tag! This time, it’s a new one: the “Top 10 Songs Tag”, sent to me by Mia (Thanks Mia!)and Joshua (Thanks Joshua!) Make sure to check out her awesome blog here.  Also, make sure to check out Joshua’s crazy cool blog here.

So, the rules are fairly simple.

1. List your top ten songs in answer to the questions
2. Hyperlink the songs if at all possible
3. Tag as many people as you want
4. Feel free to use my graphic or one of your own.
5. Have fun!!

Here are the questions.

What’s a soundtrack song you can’t help but sing along to?

Ah, probably the soundtrack for “The Greatest Showman“.

What’s a song you love from a genre you don’t?

Prove It (feat. KB)” by David Crowder. It’s a country song, but very awesome.

What’s a song that makes you cry every time, without fail?

I, being an unemotional person, do not cry to music 🙂

What would be your theme song?

TobyMac’s “Till The Day I Die

What’s a song tied to a good memory?

Pharell Williams’ “Happy“. My family used to sing it in the car all the time when I was young.

If you’re a writer, what song best sums up your main character? If you don’t write…song for your favorite book’s main character?

Definitely “What’s Up Danger” by Blackway and Black Caviar.

What’s a song you always play on repeat?

NF’s “The Search“. It’s such an epic song, I can’t help but listen to it twice.

What’s the most convicting song you’ve heard?

Lecrae’s “All I Need is You“. It’s a wonderful reminder to simply trust in God and God only.

What song reminds you most of your childhood?

Be Thou My Vision“. My parents always sang it to me before bed.

What’s your favorite song?

Well, I go through stages of liking different songs the most. Right now, it’s KB’s “Hold Me Back” and NF’s “The Search“. Both are absolute fire.

Now, I want to add another question to this list.

What is one song that greatly exceeded your expectations?

Josh SB’s “God DNA“. That song is barely known, but the rap is insane.

Now, finally, my tags. Here we go.



Keziah E


I selected you four with the intention of giving you guys some fun because this was easy and awesome. Anyway, have fun, my peeps! See ya next time, and as always: thank you for reading.






9 thoughts on “Top Ten Songs Tag

  1. Joe Nowosielski

    I have enjoyed this, Elisha, very much. Can your blog be read without using LinkedIn?
    Have a really great day in the Lord. He loves you so much!!!❤
    Joe Nowosielski

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