Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful MCU Villains

After my ranking of the top 10 most powerful Avengers, (click here if you haven’t read it), I absolutely had to do this. Tell me what you think!

10: Bucky Barnes- The Winter Soldier: This good guy/bad guy presented quite the challenge for the Avengers during Captain America: Winter Soldier, when Bucky took on Captain America and Black Widow. During Captain America: Civil War, Bucky briefly skirmished with Iron Man and Black Panther, increasing his number of brief enemies to four. Although Bucky wasn’t the most powerful villain the MCU has seen, he receives the 10th spot owing to his massive kill record and the amount of time it took for the Avengers to capture him.


9: Erik Killmonger: The villain of Black Panther, Killmonger is the cousin to T’Challa, king of Wakanda. Killmonger’s father was killed by T’Chaka, the predecessor to T’Challa, which provoked a sense of bloodlust and desire for revenge within Erik. About twenty years later, Killmonger returned and challenged T’Challa for the right to the throne. After an epic duel, Killmonger defeated T’Challa and tossed him off the side of a waterfall, assuming T’Challa was dead. However, after being found by some fishermen and nursed back to health by his mother and sister, T’Challa re-appeared and challenged Killmonger, who’s pride would not allow him to refuse. After an epic duel, T’Challa proved victorious, killing Killmonger. Killmonger, while not being especially powerful or gifted, proved to be extremely ruthless, killing thousands in his lifetime. 272702.jpg

8: Ego. The biological father of Starlord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ego proved to be a maniacal and powerful villain during Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. A Celestial, Ego is an extremely powerful being, capable of molecular manipulation on a large scale level, shapeshifting, planetary creation, superhuman strength and durability, energy manipulation, flight, and immortality. Essentially, he was a god, lowercase g. I was going to rank him at the 4th spot, but then decided to reduce his ranking owing to his lack of bloodlust. While his powers were at least equal to those of Hela and Dormammu, Ego did not kill nearly as many people as his forerunner, Red Skull.


7: Red Skull. Johann Schmidt, the head of H.Y.D.R.A, gained his abilities through an imperfect Super Soldier Serum, giving his enough powers to fight Captain America on even terms. Schmid’s imperfect serum, while giving him some of the Super Soldier abilities, transformed him into the terrible Red Skull. While being ugly, the Red Skull’s abilities were quite profound, including enhanced intelligence, strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, and enhanced healing. Red Skull proved to be one of Captain America’s greatest enemies by being the main reason for Cap’s extended stay in the Arctic. Red Skull would eventually become the Stone Keeper on Vormir as a punishment for his abuse of the Space Stone. Here, he advised Thanos, Hawkeye, and Black Widow in their plans to remove the stone. While not being especially powerful, Red Skull proved to have no qualms in killing, as he killed thousands during World War II.


6: Ultron. The robot embodiment of the Mind Stone, Ultron was created by Tony Stark to be a peacekeeper. Stark’s genius proved to be too much, however, as Ultron turned against the Avengers and aspired to destroy all human life. He later enlisted the help of H.Y.D.R.A, as well as the Maximoff twins, Wanda and Pietro, also known as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Ultron would later create an army of clones, helping him in his fight against the Avengers. While eventually stopped by the Avengers, Ultron’s abilities included superhuman strength, durability, and agility, as well as flight, gravity manipulation, genius intellect, and technology manipulation. Ultron’s powers proved to be great, and his desire to wipe out the entire earth placed him at the 6th spot.


5: Loki. The brother of Thor, and god of mischief, Loki proved to be the Avenger’s second greatest enemy, only outdone by the being at the number 1 spot. Loki lead the invasion on New York, backed up by his army of Chitauri. Loki killed thousands during the battle of New York, including S.H.I.E.L.D agent Phil Coulson. However, Loki was not entirely bad, as he proved in saving the lives of Jane Foster, Bruce Banner, and Thor, amongst others. Sadly, after an unsuccessful attempt on Thanos’ life, Loki was killed, leaving Thor as the last living Asgardian royal.


4: Ronan the Accuser. The killer of millions, Ronan was an extremely powerful Kree, with powers rivaling those of Yon-Rogg and Captain Marvel. His abilities included superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as expertise in weapons and combat. As stated before, Ronan was the killer of millions, including the family of Drax the Destroyer. After attempting to destroy the planet Xander with the help of the Power Stone, Ronan was defeated by Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ronan’s sheer power and might, as proven in his battles against the Guardians, combined with his massive bloodlust, give him a well-deserved 4th place.


3: Hela. Daughter of Odin and sister to Thor and Loki, Hela was an extremely powerful Asgardian. Capable of slaughtering almost any being, Hela had many abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability, as well as life/death manipulation, weapon manifestation, structure manifestation, armor manifestation, and necromancy. Proving to be more powerful than Thor and Valkyrie combined, Hela was able to kill thousands of Einherjar, including the Warriors Three, all powerful warriors in their own right. Hela was also able to destroy Mjolnir and stab out Thor’s right eye, both extreme accomplishments. While being one of the most powerful villains in the MCU, Hela’s powers still pale in comparison to those of her forerunners. 


2: Dormammu. Essentially a god, Dormammu’s powers are insane. He was a destroyer of worlds, able to annihilate a planet with hardly a thought. His powers included Dark Dimensional power manipulation, power bestowal, god-level strength, immortality, and necromancy. As a destroyer of an apocalyptic level, Dormammu was the ruler of the Dark Dimension, using its power to repeatedly kill Doctor Strange. Because his powers are possibly greater than anyone on this list, he receives the number 2 spot.


1: Thanos. Absolutely no question, this was who you expected to be at the number 1 spot. Thanos is a Titan, a race of god-beings capable of almost anything. Upon seeing the coming destruction of his planet, Titan, Thanos offered a solution: genocide. Half the planet would be destroyed, thus reducing the number of mouths to be fed and solving all resource problems. His plan was rejected by the rest of his kind, but the Titan proved to be prophetic, as Titan dissolved into ruin. After the destruction of his race, Thanos became a warlord with a fearsome reputation for destroying half the life on any planet he came to. After many years, he built himself a mighty army, led by his most loyal and powerful servants. However, upon realizing the amount of time his plan would take, Thanos aspired to use the Infinity Stones in his goals. Finally, after years of collecting them, he placed them all into his Infinity Gauntlet and snapped, destroying half the life in the universe. The Avengers could do nothing but watch as their friends and family disintegrated into nothingness, leaving Earth in chaos. Thanos then used this power to destroy the stones, leaving the Avengers no opportunity to reverse his actions. (SPOILER ALERT). After 5 years, the Avengers managed to break the secret of time travel, allowing them to go back in time and collect the stones from the past, reversing the “Snap”. After accidentally allowing Thanos to come to the future, the Avengers were forced to fight him again, this time defeating him with the help of Tony Stark, who used the stones to kill Thanos and his army. This power proved to be too much for Stark, who died shortly after. However, owing to Thanos’ near immortality and invincibility, as well as his successful destruction of trillions of life forms, Thanos receives an uncontested number 1. Also, just so you know, his powers included insane strength, durability, speed, reflexes, agility, regenerative healing, terrain manipulation, energy manipulation and transformation, death inducement, pain inducement, energy detonation, energy projection, energy conversion, portal creation, vortex creation, spatial projection generation, intangibility, force-field generation, global influence spreading, teleportation, dimensional negation, illusion conjuration, invisibility, matter transmutation, biological and soul manipulation, time manipulation, event negation, genius-level intellect, and a mastery of combat and weapons.


Alright, that was fun. Thank you so much for reading, guys, and as always, if you haven’t clicked that Follow button, smash it so hard it will make Thor lose weight. Have a great day!

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