NF’s top 10 greatest songs

I have listened to NF for close to three years now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed his songs. When talking to my brother last night, I realized that I should create a list of what believe to be NF’s greatest songs. Tell me whether you agree or disagree!

10: Mansion


9: Real


8: Intro


7: Destiny


6: How Could You Leave Us?

How Could You Leave Us.png

5: Outcast


4: Green Lights

Green Lights.png

3: No Name

No Name.png

2: Why

(21) NF - WHY - YouTube - Google Chrome 4_22_2019 8_07_49 PM.png

1: Let You Down. With over 77,000,000 views on YouTube and a “Triple Platinum” rating, this is easily NF’s most popular song.




19 thoughts on “NF’s top 10 greatest songs

  1. NoahJ

    NF is awesome. I can literally rap his songs word for word. I was waiting for this post for a while lol. Personally, let you down is not my favorite by rap, but is probably my favorite for lyrics. My overall favorite is still Why. NF cannot keep up with the speed of rappers like Eminem, but shreds the mike with his lyrics and beat.

    “Life’s what you make of it, take it, embrace it, and take it, and savor it
    Ain’t about what you did, it’s what you became from it, ah”

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