A Collab with Newblogger20!

Hey! This is my second “episode” in my collab series, which I hope to continue! I am doing it with Newblogger20, or ****, as I call her (she’s anonymous). You can find her blog here. We have each created 5 questions to answer, so this is going to be fun! Her answers are in Italics and mine are in bold.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a way to express myself, my insecurities and my worries in life. It was never intended to be a blog with just under 60 followers, and I never expected anyone to ever bother to reply to any of my posts, but the love and support I have had from all of you has made me so happy so thank you so so much ❤❤❤

I started blogging to get my thoughts on paper and to share some of my experiences. I had so many cool stories, I figured, “Hey! Why not?” 

2. If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?

For all wars to cease around the world and no war would ever happen again. I think the main reason I choose this is because so many innocent people get killed, and it’s just not fair. If you want to have an argument, go talk it out somewhere rather than murdering innocents!

Oooh, that’s a tough one. Well, I would wish that either A: the girl I like would notice me 🙂 B: My maturity in Christ would increase tenfold or C: My parents could go to Cancun for a 2-week vacation. 

3. What’s the most humiliating thing you have ever done?

Fell flat on my face (on a rocky beach 😭) in front of my crush cos I was staring at him 😂😭😂

Well, I go to a “TCK Camp” once a year in July, and last year I volunteered to do a “test of manhood”. Basically, I had to go through a bunch of random (but humiliating) tests, such as shouting the loudest and sitting in a puddle of water, all in front of about 100 people! Needless to say, I was rather embarrassed.

4. Weirdest dream?

I once had a dream where my animals turned into people and my friends and family turned into animals… but the animals sounded like my friends… and looked like shriveled up walnuts with legs… it was odd…

Um that Uganda and America were the same places, and the cultures mixed. VERY strange. 

5. Three things you hate?

  1. The sound of a knife scraping a plate or a scratch art tool (same noise… gives me shivers 😭)
  2. Spiders 
  3. People who show off about money in front of people who they knows family find money hard to get 😡

1: Sweet potatoes 

2: My siblings being louder than usual. 

3: Tomatoes

6: Favorite Drink?

Sprite Zero or cold water.

COFFEE!!!!! Any day, every day, in all weather and all times of the day. Iced, black, basically any type that doesn’t have milk (I’m lactose intolerant). 

7: Favorite movie?

Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

The Lord of the Rings or Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

8: Favorite fast food restaurant? 


When I am in the USA, definitely Wendy’s. Their hamburgers are fantastic. 

9: One country you want to go to in your life?


Israel! I want to walk the places Our Lord used to walk! 

10: Favorite blog post?
‘My Accident’ – it helped me get so much off my chest and I got so many nice messages ❤️ 

Oh, it would have to be Johnny. That was such a fun post to write, and it had a lot of emotion! 


Friday. The last day of the week. The whole world breathes a deep sigh as people leave work and prepare for the weekend. Friday is a day that everybody celebrates because now it’s time to relax! Right?

Hold on a second. You were probably reading that last paragraph and nodding your head, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I do on Fridays!” But then I asked: Right? And now you are confused. What’s wrong with Friday?

Nothing! *gasp* There is nothing wrong with Friday! Personally, it’s my favorite day of the week, because I can actually take a break from school and writing these annoyingly difficult blog posts. However, there is one thing that must remain in our mind as we start the weekend: Jesus. Many of us are tempted to become completely lax as they enter the weekend. There are no thoughts of Bible reading or prayer. Instead, all attention turns to the fun that can be gained out of the weekend. After all, isn’t that what the weekend is for?

Not exactly. God created the weekend with the intention for us to use it. Yes, he did create Saturday and Sunday as days of rest. However, there was another purpose behind the creation of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. God also intended for the weekend to be used as a time of worship to Him. Not just on Sunday, when many go and fulfill their “churchly obligation” by attending church, but also Friday and Saturday. These days are intended for us to use in His worship.

So, what do you do? Go home on Friday with your heart towards Him. Sing a little, even dance, if it makes you feel more relaxed. But do NOT forget to thank him for the weekend, pray to Him, and spend time worshiping him.

NF’s top 10 greatest songs

I have listened to NF for close to three years now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed his songs. When talking to my brother last night, I realized that I should create a list of what believe to be NF’s greatest songs. Tell me whether you agree or disagree!

10: Mansion


9: Real


8: Intro


7: Destiny


6: How Could You Leave Us?

How Could You Leave Us.png

5: Outcast


4: Green Lights

Green Lights.png

3: No Name

No Name.png

2: Why

(21) NF - WHY - YouTube - Google Chrome 4_22_2019 8_07_49 PM.png

1: Let You Down. With over 77,000,000 views on YouTube and a “Triple Platinum” rating, this is easily NF’s most popular song.




Where is God During Difficult Times?

     I recently watched a movie called Silence, starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, and Adam Driver. In this movie, two Catholic missionaries travel to Japan during the 17th century, hunting for their missing mentor. Japan, however, is closed to anything Christian, and the faith of these men is tested daily. They go through very difficult trials, including starvation and torture. Many of their converts are killed or tortured. This entire movie contains one message: Where is God during the difficult times? Where is God when my converts are being crucified and I am about to be killed for my faith?

     Growing up in Uganda, I have experienced a lot of things that people would call “tough”. I have been through drought, famine, sand storms, civil strife, riots, and many others. Some people have been through even worse- they experience torture, suffering, and yes, even death. One of the hardest things in life today is to experience the death of a loved one. During this time, many shake their fists at God and cry, “Where are you? Don’t you care about me?” This level of grief is perfectly normal. Jesus himself experienced grief, as we see in John 11:1-44. However, during these terrible times, the most difficult thing a human man or woman can do is to turn put our hands together and pray. We are emotional beings, and as such, we grieve. This alone separates us from the other inhabitants of this huge dirt ball we call Earth. We experience grief and trauma on a whole different level. Despite this, we must remember- the only thing that will help us through our grief and pain is God. He alone has the power to remove our pain, even if we can’t see Him working. This is the wonder of God. He works, and we do not see it. In the movie of Life, God is the director- unseen, but the key part of every scene. When the credits roll, the first thing we must do is to cry, “God, forgive my pride! You were there the whole time, and I did not see you!” God is there, even in the tough times.

I would just like to make a shoutout to Mrs. Sue Rosier, blogger, and author of Standing Up to Parkinson’s. She has a wonderful blog, found here, and she writes about a very difficult subject. If you know anyone with Parkinson’s, I recommend you talk to her.

Also, check out the trailer to the movie Silence right here.


I talked about in my podcast last week. As promised, I will also talk about his story there. However, I figured it would be a good idea to write about it here. Alright, here goes.

Johnny is my brother. Wikipedia defines a brother as “a man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents”. I have three brothers that would meet this definition- Noah, Isaiah, and Malakai. Regardless, I also define a brother as someone who knows you as well as your biological brother might. In other words, a biological brother who isn’t biological. Does that make any sense? Oh well. Anyway, Johnny is one of the two people in this world whom I would define as my brother, the other being Josiah Kegg.

Johnny was 18 months old when he was abandoned. His father took him to the local hospital, gave him a cookie, and left him. Johnny finished the cookie and waited for his father to get him. After six hours, he began to cry. Eventually, people took notice of the crying child and began to ask around. Nobody could find Johnny’s father, so they took him to New Hope Uganda, a ministry that helped abandoned children. New Hope became Johnny’s home. He lived in New Hope’s “Baby House” for over a year. When he turned three, a young, single woman named Grace Nasaka adopted him. Grace had no husband to help parent Johnny, so my father stepped into the role of father. From then on, Johnny was one of the family. Because he is older than me, he was adopted by Grace just as I turned one. Because of this, Johnny has basically known me since I was a baby. We have grown up together, and now he is a teenager. He turns 18 in August, is (to his chagrin) shorter than me, and absolutely loves soccer. He was the captain of New Hope’s high school soccer team last year, and he is a fantastic player.

What have I learned from my life with Johnny? Well, from an early age, I learned to NEVER think of people with different skin color in a different light. In fact, I didn’t even know there were different skin colors until I was about seven years old. I learned that anybody can be your brother, no matter what color, age, or race.

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My New Podcast!

WOOHOO! After a few days of deliberating, I am pleased to announce that I have decided to start a podcast! I will post episodes at the same rate as I do blog posts- once a week. If you have any advice on episode creation or topic ideas, please let me know. In the meantime, here is the link to the podcast. Enjoy!

Sanity within Friendship

Friendships keep people sane. No, I do not mean fake friends. I am talking about the kind of friendship that David and Jonathan had- a loving, caring relationship between two guys who loved the Lord and sought to worship Him. A real friendship involves God at the center, not man. However, the problem with friendships is found within the root of the friendship itself. A “friend” is not a person that will tempt you to drink alcohol or go to parties (you know EXACTLY what type of party I am referring to). A real friend is somebody who not only challenges you to be a better person, but is somebody that isn’t afraid to tell you when you messed up.

“But why have friends?” People ask. Many introverted people, wishing for “alone time” retreat into their rooms during social activities, and do not reappear until everybody is gone. Friends are what keep us sane. I have several friends that keep me sane, both through gracious council and just plain old determination. Namely, these people are the kids in my Comp II class, the Britton kids, a few kids from MK camp, Abby Swanson, the Smiths, Josiah Kegg, Loring and Essence Ray, Nehemiah Wootton, and Ella Ayer. If I forgot somebody, I sincerely apologize. Regardless, we must remember that when we have a true friend, he/she is going to be one of the few factors that shapes us into the being that God wants us to be. My friends keep me from falling into the pit of insanity, and through that, help me be a better person.



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